CELEST Champagne

CELEST creates today's most elegantly modern Champagne experience.

Since 2012, Frédérick Celest has been preparing a transcendent Champagne experience.  Inspired by high-flying, globe-trotting days as a private jet Captain, a vision to celebrate and share the jewel of his renowned home region was born. The ultimate jewel, a Champagne of the finest bubbles. Starry nights at 41,000 feet in cheerful company enroute to luxurious destinations shaped the vibe of CELEST. Summoning French roots in Champagne, Frédérick reconnected with a friend, the proprietor of a family-owned Maison de Champagne founded in 1899. That relationship was the foundation for a partnership that melded tradition and a modern vision.

In the heart of Champagne, in the Vallée de la Marne, our wines are elaborated in the pure traditional Méthode Champenoise. We select the best grapes from the sunniest vineyards in Champagne including our own exclusive acreage; then the real magic happens with the meticulous craftsmanship and wine-making talent of our artisanal production process. Each House's different philosophies and formulas for mixing and using the region's three iconic grape varieties defines its style and taste. CELEST brings its own signature talent to this process.

A mix of tradition and modernity, celestial skies and bubbles, this is our story.

CELEST Champagne

The Village of Damery

In the heart of Champagne.

The terroir, the grapes, the vintage and above all - the talent of men.

It's in the small village of Damery, a stone's throw from Épernay that we craft our champagnes. Damery is worthy of attention for its long history of champagne-making. The “terroir” gives the character to grapes and the aging process brings out the flavor. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier are the three grapes that create unique champagne tastes.

We use only the first press of the Cuvée and choose to prevent malolactic fermentation to keep freshness and the floral and fruity aromas of the grapes. 

It's in our stone walls that we create our unique taste.

Caves de Champagne

Cellars since 1899 - Ancestral method.

The long and slow process of aging, at least three to four years, is done in the constant cool of our ancestral caves to perfect the desired taste of our signature style.

CELEST is one of the rare houses to consistently produce significant volumes of monocépage Champagne, with our  Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs. We do this to allow the purest expression of a single grape variety, creating a special experience. CELEST's winemaking talent truly  shines in our meticulously crafted and widely acclaimed Rosé blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier


Associated with Luxury, Celebration and Romance, the region, Champagne, is home to the world's most prized wine of effervescence. CELEST capitalizes on that heritage and is excited to push the envelope with luxurious monocépage offerings and acclaimed blends.


The liberating pop of a champagne cork announces the best of times. CELEST Champagne transports you to the heights of French luxury.

Celest Champagne - 51480 Damery - France 

Imported in the U.S. by Celest Inc. - Los Angeles